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Archdeacon on Horseback

by Cyril E.H. Williams & Pixie McGeachie

Archdeacon on Horseback is the biography of Richard Small, an Anglican Priest who played a major part in the development of the Indian Missions of the southwestern British Columbia Interior.

Richard Small spent most of his life between May, 1884 and his death in May, 1909 in Missionary service in the Yale, Lytton, Lillooet and Nicola Valley Region.

“The stained glass memorial to the Canon reproduced on the cover inspired the research that resulted in this story… Illustrated with many historic photographs, this is a timely reminder that many of these pioneering religions worked tirelessly for and with an understanding of the Native peoples they served.”
Annie Boulanger, Burnaby NOW, July 15, 1992.

Archdeacon Richard Small’s biography also chronicles the founding of All Hallow’s School at Yale; St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in Lytton; and St. George’s Indian Residential School near Lytton.

112 pages, a map and 28 photos. Also includes chapter end-notes, an extensive bibliography and index. 6″ x 9″ laminated paperback binding.  ISBN 0-929069-05-6 $9.95 Convert!

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Widow Smith of Spence’s Bridge

by Jessie Ann Smith as told to J. Meryl Campbell & Audrey Ward

Widow Smith of Spence’s Bridge is a love story with an historical twist. It begins with Jessie Ann Smith’s childhood in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It goes on to become the award-winning story of a British Columbia pioneer woman who, with the aid of her children, produces internationally reknown apples from the semi-desert soil of the Thompson Valley at Spences Bridge.

“Some pioneering stories, like good wine, get more valuable with age. Passed through three generations, Widow Smith of Spence’s Bridge qualifies as vintage British Columbia.”
B.C. Bookworld – Winter 1989.

Jessie Ann Smith came to Canada from Scotland in 1884 as the young bride of an orchardist. Her touching story, written before her death in 1946, lay unpublished until 1989. It has been very well received by readers and critics and is now in third printing.

“The entire book should be a required teacher read — aloud for every class studying pioneer life. It is an exemplar of local history, showing the tight editing of the three granddaughters who helped her write the story.”
E. Rita Ourom, BCTLA Reviews.

128 pages, a map and 26 photos. Includes a bibliography and index. 5.5″ x 8.5″ laminated paperback binding.
ISBN 0-929069-00-5 $12.95 Convert!