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North River: The Story of BC’s North Thompson Valley and Yellowhead Highway 5

by Muriel Poulton Dunford

Muriel Dunford, a retired reacher and librarian is an active member of the North Thompson community of Clearwater. She has combined her years of experience with nearly a decade of serious research to write an exciting and valuable new contribution to British Columbia’s history. Dunford has taken the events of the past two centuries and extracted the stories of those who have lived (and travelled) along the North Thompson River and Yellowhead Highway 5. In North River, she has created the first comprehensive history of the region.
© 2001. 384 pages, 125 b&w illustrations, bibliography and index. 6″ x 9″ paperback. Laminated two-color cover.
ISBN 0-929069-13-7 $19.95




Merritt & the Nicola Valley: An Illustrated History

by the Nicola Valley Museum Archives Association

Over 230 photographs, sketches and newspaper advertisements illustrate this history of Merritt and the Nicola Valley – the heart of south western British Columbia. The photographs and illustrations are tied together by accounts of the pioneers and life in the Nicola Valley, beginning with the Interior Salish Indians and the fur traders. Coal mining, ranching and logging are also amply illustrated as well as transportation, recreation, sports, culture and the valley communities.
© 1998. 120 pages, 231 b&w illustrations, bibliography and index. 11″ x 8 1/2″ paperback. Laminated two-color cover.   ISBN 0-929069-11-0 $18.95 Convert!

Boundary History:

The Twelfth Report of the Boundary Historical Society

Edited by Jim Glanville of Grand Forks, B.C., this 160 page soft-cover book deals with various aspects of the history of British Columbia’s Boundary District. Geographically, the area generally lies north of the Canada-U.S.A. boundary between Osoyoos and Rossland. In addition to a number of family stories, this book also includes articles on early stagecoach travel; road building; the Columbia & Western Railway; the mining community of Phoenix; and the Arrow Lakes Indian Tribe.
160 pages, six maps, 60 b&w photographs and index. 6″ x 9″ paperback. Laminated two-color cover.   ISBN 0-9692892-2-7 $14.95 Convert!

Schools of the Boundary: 1891-1991

by Alice Glanville

A companion to Boundary HistorySchools of the Boundary covers the general geographic area north of the Canada – USA border between Osoyoos and Rossland, including Rock Creek, Midway, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Christina Lake. Alice Glanville’s emphasis is on the evolution of education with numerous vignettes of life in the isolated farming, logging and mining communities that have come and gone in British Columbia’s Boundary District. Included are chapters on the Grand Forks City Schools; the Doukhobor Schools; schools in the Christina Lake area and others.
144 pages, maps, 57 photographs, bibliography and index. 6″ x 9″ paperback. Laminated two-color cover.   ISBN 0-929069-03-X $12.95 Convert!

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Kamloops: One Hundred Years of Community 1893-1993

Edited by Wayne Norton and Wilf Schmidt

This heavily illustrated soft-cover book was produced to commemorate the 1993 centennial of Kamloops, British Columbia becoming a city. The editors, authors and illustrators have taken various approaches to tell their individual stories – including a fictional look at the future of this fine B.C. Interior city.
148 pages, maps, photos, bibliography and index. 11″ x 8 1/2″ paperback. Laminated four-color cover.
ISBN 0-929069-06-4 $18.95


Christina Lake: An Illustrated History

Written and illustrated by Lincoln Sandner and others.

This heavily illustrated book is a collection of historical glimpses, many of which were written by Lincoln Sandner, a long-time pioneer in the Christina Lake area of south central British Columbia.
Christina Lake: An Illustrated History deals with the community of Christina Lake as well as the resort and mining communities surrounding Christina Lake. It includes stories on the early steamboats as well as the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and a lost gold strike.
128 pages, maps and over 100 photos. 8 1/2″ X 11″ paperback. Laminated four-color cover.
ISBN 0-929069-09-9 $14.95